Mike Higgins Triathlete & Company Director

Mike Higgins - Elivar Featured AthleteMike’s busy. He runs a growing business and has a normal (i.e. “hectic”) family life.

Training and racing are an important part of his life so when it comes to training Mike finds he really has to focus on what is needed to be done, to maximise the benefit from the hours he puts  in and ensure he sticks to his training plan. Aside from triathlon Mike is keen Cross Country runner and time triallist.

This Year: For 2016 Mike has a fixed programme of events targeting an ETU qualification in duathlon and triathlon, with an aim to get a Top 20 in the National Sprint Champs. The Tour of Cambs Chrono / TT is also on the cards with a chance to qualify for the World Amateur TT Champs in Perth. The trick will be finding the balance between getting the right training done and managing what will be a very busy business year.

Twitter: @BikeHiggins

Age: 45

Occupation: Company Director

Sport: Triathlon & Time Trialling

Pre-race Ritual: I like to have recc'ed the bike and run courses beforehand. I arrive in time to jog the first bits of the run course again and then run through the T1 and T2 routes. I used Elivar Prepare before all my races in 2015 and it really helped.

Favourite Cheat Food: I do like a curry although I’ve given up the beer that used to accompany it.

Favourite Form of Cross Training: I do a strength and conditioning session twice a week at home and really like Cross Country running in the winter.
Career Highlights:

High Age Group placings in Sprint events in 2015 including
  • Age Group Win and Two 2nds in the East Midlands Triathlon Series
  • Age Group Wins in Eton Dorney Triathlon and Daventry Triathlon
  • 1st in the Bristol Professionals in 2014 & 2015
  • 2nd in the Jones Lang La Salle Property Triathlon (up from 11th in 2014!)