March 20, 2015


We are very excited to announce the initial line up for the 2015 Elivar Open Water Swim Series.

Together with Vigour Events – our Scottish event partner from 2014, we are delighted to welcome a new addition for 2015 – the Mad Hatter Velotive Series Events in Cornwall.

The Elivar Open Water Swim Series runs across England, Scotland and Ireland and we are thrilled now to extend into this fantastic series of events in Cornwall run by the Mad Hatters,” says Len Dunne, co-founder of Elivar. “Elivar is the only sports nutrition brand exclusively designed for those of us who are over 35 but refuse to accept that as a reason not to push our boundaries through sport. We’re looking forward to providing recovery product for the swimmers at these events.

We are delighted to be working with the Elivar brand” says John Yelland of Mad Hatter Sports Events. “This is another great partnership for Mad Hatter and we believe it’s an ideal product to showcase at our Velotive Swim Series this summer in Cornwall.

Robert Hamilton, Director at Vigour Events added, “We’re thrilled to be working with Elivar again in 2015, particularly as we are seeing more and more 35+ participants enter into our series of swim events.” Watch Vigour’s video from 2014:

The Calendar of Events for the 2015 Series is set out below – its worth checking back from time to time as we add more event across the UK and Ireland.

Date Location Distances Enter
23rd May Porthpean, Cornwall – Mad Hatters 3.2 k Click to enter event
31st May Bardowie Loch – Vigour Events 1, 2 & 3 k Click to enter event
13th June Milarrochy Bay, Loch Lomond – Vigour Events 1& 2 k Click to enter event
18th June Carlyon Bay, Cornwall – Mad Hatters 2 k Click to enter event
27th June Loch Venachar – Vigour Events 1, 2, 3 & 5 k Click to enter event
12th July Henley Mile – Henley Swim Events 1 mile Click to enter event
1st Aug Gorran Haven – Mad Hatters 1 & 2 k Click to enter event
2nd Aug Lubnaig – End to End – Vigour Events 5 k Click to enter event
29th Aug Caerhays – Mad Hatters 3.6 k Click to enter event
5th Sept Loch Ard – Vigour Events 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 & 12.5 k Click to enter event
5th Sept Firth of Forth Swim – Vigour Events  2.3 k Click to enter event
27th Sept Pentewan – Mad Hatters 2 k Click to enter event

About Vigour Events

Vigour Events provide swim training, coaching and events based around some of Scotland’s most iconic lochs. For more detail or to contact Vigour Events visit

About Mad Hatter Events

Mad Hatter Sports Events is a sports events company based on Cornwall’s south coast. Our aim is to offer our customers friendly, fun and challenging events that utilise the natural beauty of the stunning Cornish coastline and countryside whilst not breaking the bank to enter.

So why not join us at one of our quality events and push yourself by doing something completely different… you too can become a Mad Hatter. Visit

About Elivar

Elivar – Sports Nutrition optimised for athletes over 35 year old. Our bodies change as we age, so should our sports nutrition. Try our Weekend Endurance Pack – fuel a weekend’s training with a selection of our Endure, Recover and Hydrate products for only £12.99 Try Now

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