CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract - 30 Capsules

CurraNZ - New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract - Made from the 'King of Superfoods'

CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract is a naturally-sourced, high-potency
health and fitness food supplement.

New Zealand is known for its purity and abundance of natural resources. Our
blackcurrants are grown in a region where the fantastic environmental factors
and strong ultraviolet sunlight create a powerful little berry.

CurraNZ is high in blackcurrant bioactives called anthocyanins, which belong to
the flavonoid group of phytochemicals. Amongst the most important phenolics
in foods, these colourful compounds protect plants against environmental

CurraNZ is a naturally-sourced extract that uses modern drying technology that
carefully retains all of the originating anthocyanins in our blackcurrants.

The performance of our product is characterised by Enzans, key identifiers of the
bioactives that deliver its many research-backed qualities.

CurraNZ has been proven in an international program of peer-reviewed health
and sports research that establishes our product as the most researched and
trusted blackcurrant supplement brand in the world.

Each capsule contains the equivalent of a generous handful of New Zealand

  • Convenient, gentle on the stomach
  • Ideal for health and fitness lovers

Into your fitness and staying active?

  • International award-winner: Sports Nutrition
  • Product and Best Recovery Product of the Year
  • Backed by over 30 health, sports and exercise studies

    Great for:

    • Pre and Post Workout
    • Training and competition
    • Active lifestyle and fitness fans, performance-focused or professional
    • athletes


    General health: 1-2 capsules daily, with or without food
    Exercise: 1-3 capsules, 2 hours before exercise. Increase to 2+ capsules if over 75kg.

    For best results, use for a minimum of 7 days.

    Grown in New Zealand, manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.

      TEAM ELIVAR has carefully selected a small number of trusted brands that we believe can deliver performance and health benefits to athletes over 35. CurraNZ is one of those trusted brands - used by us and many of our featured athletes to supplement our sporting performance and general well-being.

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