Hydrate Plus - Electrolyte and Sustained Energy Drink Mix - Single Serve Sachet - Orange Juice Flavour

Training in warmer weather requires an increased focus on hydration and electrolyte replacement. However as every endurance athlete knows you also need to maintain your energy levels.

Hydrate Plus allows us to do both with optimum levels of Sodium, Phosphorus and Potassium delivered along with 24g of sustained release carbohydrates per serving. Hydrate Plus comes in convenient 25g Single Serve sachets which when mixed with 400ml of water provide an isotonic orange juice flavour drink to help you stay the distance during your training.

Elivar's products are formulated to meet the needs of athletes over 35 years of age. A primary consideration is the use of slow release carbohydrates to deliver our energy over a sustained period. We don't need energy hits - with the peaks and crashes of traditional sports nutrition products or energy drinks becoming more of a health issue due to the bodies response to these fluctuating blood sugar levels.

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