Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I get Elivar online?
Elivar is available through the following online stores:
UK Orders: 
Ireland & EU Orders: AOB Nutrition 
◄2. Is Elivar available around the world?
Elivar currently ships within the UK only. We are currently unable to ship to EU countries due to difficulties with post-Brexit arrangements
EU orders are best placed with AOB Nutrition 
◄3. Who should use it?
Elivar has been developed for men and women over the age of 35 who participate in endurance sports including cycling, triathlon swimming and running. We deliver a performance edge and health benefits through the use of optimised ingredients.
◄4. What flavours are available?
Elivar Prepare and Recover are available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavour. Elivar Endure is available in Orange-Mango and Raspberry flavour. Elivar Hydrate Plus is available in Orange Juice flavour.
◄5. What is in the range?
Pre Training: PREPARE
Post Training: RECOVER
All products are available in convenient single serve sachets and also large tubs.
◄6. Where is Elivar made?
All Elivar products are carefully blended in a British Retail Consortium Grade A Standard food manufacturing facility in Ireland.
◄7. Can the bottles be recycled?
The bottles are made of PET which is widely recyclable.
◄8. Can vegetarians take Elivar?
Elivar is suitable for vegetarians.
◄9. Do they contain traces of nut?
Elivar is produced in a nut and allergen free environment.
10. Do they contain gluten?
Elivar’s products are gluten free.
11. Are any ingredients GM?
Elivar does not contain any GM ingredients.
12. Do they use preservatives?
Elivar does not contain any preservatives.
13. Who has the Elivar range been tested on?
Like other sports supplement companies we trial our products with athletes and have formulations verified by independent labs.
14. What’s wrong with Fructose?
Growing evidence is emerging which suggests that excessive intake of fructose (>50 g.d ) may be linked to the development of the metabolic syndrome (obesity), dyslipidemia, hypertension, insulin resistance, pro-inflammatory state, and prothrombosis. The rapid metabolism of fructose in the liver could cause alterations that could pre-dispose to obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.
15. Is this better/what’s the difference to other Sports Nutrition brands?
Our formulations are specifically targeted to address the physiological requirements of older athletes – the other brands in the market are not.
As we get older we become more sensitive to sugar spikes and insulin sensitivity becomes an issue. It is also try that our reason for engaging in sport changes - it's primarily for health reasons and in that context taking Hi-GI sugars on board runs counter to that healthy choice.
It also becomes harder to recovery after training due to the reduced ability of our muscles to repair at the same rate as when we were younger. We can recover, it just takes longer. This requires a different blend of ingredients to deliver an optimum recovery.
16. What is the science behind Elivar?
It’s no surprise to be told that our bodies change as we get older. If your over 35 you know this! Elivar has been developed by sports nutritionists and food scientists specifically for the over 35s to ensure that they get the optimum amount of energy and protein to train and recover effectively. There is no magic ingredient, we have simply selected the most appropriate blend of ingredients that best meet our changing needs – lower glycemic carbohydrates, increased protein and optimised blends of different proteins.
17. Will Elivar make me faster?
Training will make you faster. Elivar will support your training through supplementing your nutrition with products that have been developed with both your performance and your general health in mind.
18. Will it work for under 35s?
Elivar’s products have been developed specifically for people over 35. However many of our products can meet the performance and health needs of younger people. Avoiding fructose in your energy products is probably a good idea what ever age you are. Elivar's ENDURE and HYDRATE PLUS products deliver sustained release energy. If you are training especially hard Elivar’s extra protein blends will certainly help you recover better too.
◄19. Why is Elivar caffeine free?
We prefer to take our caffeine in a nice expresso after a 2 or 3 hours on the bike. It’s a chance to relax, feel good, chat to your mates and enjoy the feeling of being fit and healthy. Taking caffeine as part of your regular sports nutrition products just isn’t healthy. Sure, you might need any help you can get to cover the last 2km of Mont Ventoux. That’s ok. As Lance might say, "Whatever it takes!". But save it for the exceptional, not the routine.
20. Who is older – Len or Donal?
Len. You can follow him on twitter @lendunne
21. Who is fitter – Len or Donal?
Donal. He can be found via twitter @dchanrahan
22. Who wrote the FAQ
See 22 above.
23. How can I contact Elivar?
Our contact details can be found at HERE