SUSTAIN GO! Sustained Release Energy Gel with Ubiquinol

The primary purpose of SUSTAIN GO! - our Sustained Release Gel - is to supply your body with a source of slow release fuel that delivers energy while avoiding the sugar spikes, stomach upset or cramps of traditional gels comprised of 100% quick release sugars.

Isomaltulose features in all of the Elivar energy range as it has been proven to deliver a better profile of energy release relative to the cheaper sugars found in almost all sports nutrition.

SUSTAIN GO! Difference in Blood Glucose Profile

While the dominant energy source in SUSTAIN GO! is isomaltulose, there is a need to provide some - but not a lot - quick release energy to provide a relatively short-lived uptick in available glycogen. We've used a small amount of maltodexterin to achieve this - it also acts as a sweetener to make our gels taste great.  

This unique blend delivers the energy you need without the downsides of traditional "quick energy", "rapid release" energy gels.

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