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Daniel Ivey- Featured AthleteDaniel started running in 2012, training for the London Marathon as a charity runner.

Since 2012 I have run over 150 different events including parkruns, half-marathons, full marathons and a lot of 10k races. I use the knowledge that I has gained through running and supporting others to help them get the most out of their running.

My proudest moment was running my first marathon at London marathon in 2012, and my family waited for me at the Mall which is the last bit of the marathon, and I picked my youngest son up and carried him over the barrier and ran the last bit of the marathon with him.

This year I am aiming to continue my journey to better health and better fitness, and my main aim is learn to pace myself at races so I can keep the same pace all the way round, and not slow down towards the end.

I was asked by a friend if I would run with their daughter, Aimee as she just loves running and prefers running long distance. We run a 5k every Saturday at our local parkrun, and we have run 10k races and half marathons together. Aimee would love to run a full marathon.

My regular run is the Tonbridge parkrun and am always spending around 30 minutes after the run answering questions from fellow runners. People always send me questions through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I am always willing to spend time helping people, using what I have learnt to help others.


Facebook - - I set this group up in 2014 and we have nearly 11,000 members from around the world and I look after it on a daily basis along with 4 admins who make it all possible by helping out.


Twitter –

Instagram -

Age: 39

Occupation: IT Consultant

Sport: Runner - Road & Trail

Pre-race Ritual: I always get my race kit ready the night before and make sure my running number is on my running vest, Garmin charged and plasters at the ready.

Favourite Cheat Food: Do I have to pick just one?

Career Highlights:

  • PB at Brighton Marathon of 3:41.
  • PB at Worthing Half Marathon of 1:34.
  • Seeing my running buddy Aimee get a PB of 49 minutes for a 10k race.

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