How A Simple Change In Her Nutrition Helped Fiona Matheson To New World Records

February 21, 2017

How A Simple Change In Her Nutrition Helped Fiona Matheson To New World Records

Fiona Matheson, an Elivar Featured Athlete, takes us through her journey through injury to multiple World Record Holder and how small changes to her nutrition made a big difference to her training and racing. 

Last year having had to come back from one injury after another I gave great consideration to how I was going to try and build up my training again, and try if possible to avoid getting injured on a regular basis.

I had the good fortune to met up with one of my running friends who was home on a visit, having moved away a few years previous. We used to train together on a very regular basis and as we ran we got talking about the various ups and downs over the last year or so for us both. 

Robin, my running friend, was having a good spell of training at that particular time and it was showing in some of the races he had recently taken part in. I asked about his training and, apart from getting consistent training, he mentioned that getting his nutrition right had definitely made a difference.

The Nutrition part of training is something that I never felt that I had got right.  At times after training/racing over the years I found it extremely difficult to take any solid food on board until a few hours later, limiting myself to fluids. I felt this lack of proper refueling was not doing my body any good at all and perhaps making my body more prone to injury. 

Robin mentioned that he had done his research and found Elivar who's products were developed specifically for the 35+ Age group. Robin explained a bit about the background and the product range that Elivar offered and what benefits he felt he got by making Elivar part of his training regime.

Robin introduced me to the team at Elivar and over the last few months I have been taking ELIVAR RECOVER (Strawberry) after each hard training session or race. 

While there are a number of factors that contribute differently to every individuals training regime, my experience over the last few months has been very positive. By making tweaks to my Nutrition I found I have been able to make my training sessions count more and also have avoided injury. This in turn has helped me find my enthusiasm again regarding some of the goals that I had set myself for 2017.

Of course none of it would be possible without the support and encouragement I have had from my husband, coaches, club mates and other club runners which has been amazing!

Some of my Indoor Track Goals that I have achieved in 2017:-

800m indoor – 14th January 2017 – PB

3000m indoor – January 2017 –W55 World Record

1500m indoor 14th January 2017 – UK W55 Record

1500m indoor 28th January 2017 – W55 World Record

Hoping to keep fit and healthy over this year and continue to work towards my goals set until the end of March before looking at the following months.  

Fiona Matheson, February 2017


Fiona is an Elivar Featured Athlete. You can read more about Fiona and the other members of our Featured Athlete team here

Elivar Recover is available in Chocolate or Strawberry and come in 900g Tubs or handly single serve sachets (box of 12) . Learn More Here

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