Professor Greg Whyte Joins Elivar as Sports Nutrition Expert

March 01, 2018

Professor Greg Whyte Joins Elivar as Sports Nutrition Expert

We are very excited at Elivar to announce that Professor Greg Whyte is to be Elivar’s Sports Nutrition Expert.

A physical activity expert and world-renowned sports scientist, Professor Greg Whyte OBE is a former Olympian in modern pentathlon and a World and European Championship medalist. Well-known for his involvement in Comic Relief for well over a decade, training and coaching unlikely heroes such as David Walliams and Davina McCall, and more recently Jo Brand and Radio1 DJ Greg James, to achieve the near impossible. As a result of his work, Greg has helped to raise over £37 million for charity.

Prof Greg Whyte Joins Elivar Sports Nutrition from Elivar on Vimeo.

Professor Greg Whyte will feature in a series of Elivar videos to inform middle-aged athletes about using nutrition to improve performance and support long-term health. In particular, the campaign will focus on addressing issues around the use of carbs during training and protein for recovery.

This is a big step forward for us.  We continue to be the only company in the world to focus on optimised sports nutrition for performance for over 35 year olds delivering formulations that ensure that our customers maximise their performance. We know our products work – we can see it in the high volume of returning customers to rave about Elivar solving specific issues that they had with other sports nutrition brands including indigestion and poor recovery.

Elivar’s formulations are different and the results are effective. 

Professor Greg Whyte OBE PhD DSc FBASES FACSM

Physical Activity Expert, world-renowned sports scientist & Olympian

  • Two-time Olympian 
  • Professor of Sport Science, Liverpool John Moores University 
  • Published over 200 peer reviewed papers and 8 books in the area of sport, exercise science and medicine 
  • Performance Director, Centre for Health and Human Performance 
  • Helped to raise over £35 million for Comic Relief and Sport Relief 
  • Author of Amazon Bestseller: Achieve the Impossible
  • Presenter on ITV’s Eternal Glory 
  • Chair of UK Active Research Institute Scientific Advisory Board 
  • Principal investigator for WADA 


Sporting Achievements: 

  • Marathon Des Sables (2015) 
  • Ironman Bolton (2013) 
  • British Championships Triathlon (1997 – 2004) 
  • The Channel Swim (2010) 
  • Ride Across America (2008) 
  • Triathlon World Long Course (2001) 
  • London Marathon (1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004) 
  • Olympic Games (Atlanta 1996) 
  • World Championships SILVER (Sheffield 1994) 
  • Olympic Games (Barcelona 1992) 
  • European Championships BRONZE (Rome 1991) 

Greg is an expert in the field of sports and exercise science. Graduating from Brunel University, he furthered his studies with an MSc in human performance in the USA and completed his PhD at St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London. Greg is currently a Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University and Director of Performance at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) on Harley Street in London.

Greg's former roles include Director of Research for the British Olympic Association and Director of Science and Research for the English Institute of Sport. Greg is the preeminent authority on Exercise Physiology and Sports and Exercise Performance in the UK. An internationally recognised expert in the field, Greg has extensive professional experience assessing, treating and improving the performance of patients, sporting enthusiasts and athletes ranging from cancer sufferers to celebrities attempting their first mountain summit to Gold medal seeking Olympians. 

Since 2006, Greg has applied his sports science work to assist various celebrities in completing some of the toughest challenges. Greg has trained, motivated and successfully coached 26 Sport and Comic Relief Challenges including:

  • the comedian David Walliams to swim across the English Channel the Gibraltar Straits and the length of the Thames;
  • James Cracknell to run, cycle and swim to Africa;
  • a team of 9 celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro;
  • Eddie Izzard to run a remarkable 43 marathons in 50 days;
  • Christine Bleakley to waterski across the English Channel;
  • Dermot O’Leary, Olly Murrs and others to cross the driest desert in Africa;
  • John Bishop to complete 'Bishops Week of Hell’ that involved John cycle, row and run from Paris to London; and
  • Davina McCall in her 'Beyond Breaking Point' 506 mile ultra-triathlon.

In 2014 Greg was awarded an OBE for his services to Sport, Sport Science & Charity, and was voted as one of the Top 10 Science Communicators in the UK by the British Science Council.

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