Why Does Adam Walker Recommend Elivar Endure?

August 18, 2016

Why Does Adam Walker Recommend Elivar Endure?

Adam Walker is the first British man to swim the toughest seven Oceans in the World! Adam set out on an incredible journey in open water swimming that changed his life. Now Adam is inspiring others, sharing his experiences with training camps, swimming lessons and speaking for businesses and schools worldwide. In this article Adam explains why he recommends Elivar ENDURE at his swim camps.

This is the second year now that I have used Elivar products for my 5 day Ocean Walker swim camps. 

I have tried many different drinks over the years when I swam the Oceans Seven and it has always been an issue for me finding a product that doesn’t give me acid reflux or make me sick. 

Adam Walker Swim Camps - with Elivar

High GI v Low GI

The reason I now use Elivar and specifically ‘ENDURE' is because it is ideal for long distance and endurance events. There seem to be many drinks out in the market which consist of high glycaemic index (GI). The issue with these drinks based on my experiences is they can provide you with a small burst of energy, however after a while you can feel a real drop, known as an energy crash.

This is similar to when you use too much caffeine for energy which I did across the Catalina Channel - it gave me a great surge for around 25 minutes, however after that my muscles felt weak. Mentally it was quite damaging as I felt I couldn’t muster enough energy to do another arm stroke at the time. During a channel swim you can be battling currents which push you backwards so it’s important to keep a consistent pace.

High GI drinks can also cause indigestion and stomach pain. After one of my swims I couldn’t ingest any food as my stomach felt really uncomfortable and bloated. With ENDURE you have a blend of carbs that deliver sustained release energy but not at the expense of the drop in energy. In addition what I also really like is ENDURE has a 4-1 ratio of protein, which will help with recovery from the muscle tissue breakdown. This is especially important for people who are over 35 who’s recovery time may be longer.

Tastes Good

In addition unlike some other drinks it actually tastes good. Others that I have tasted are just lightly flavoured carb powders!! Yuk!! My swim campers loved it, there are two flavours orange & mango and watermelon. A number of the campers said it was such a nice tasting drink, they could enjoy it even without exercise (although that’s not what it’s used for!)

If you are at loss with carbohydrate drinks as I was, you should definitely try the Elivar range. I used to think it was just normal to be sick in training on carb drinks as that was my only experience. This is of course not acceptable and can only hinder performance. Every time you are sick you lose any potential energy you have just consumed as it hasn’t had time to digest. Therefore you are basically running on empty.

Training Camp Feeds

Ocean WalkerIn open water swimming the water is ‘not as warm as we would like!’ so you burn more than in a pool as the body is having to work harder. On the Malta training camp the temperature is around 15/16 centigrade. (A pool is 29 degrees on average). You can burn up to 1100 calories if you are really pushing it. We do a 3 hour and 6 hour swim so the drinks are crucial to replace that energy consumed. I would feed my swim campers one pouch per hour providing 32 grams of carbohydrate and 13 grams of protein.

Thank goodness there is a product on the market which is sensitive on the stomach and gives you the energy and recovery you require!


Elivar Endure - as recommended by Adam Walker________________________________________________________


About Ocean Walker Swim Camps

Ocean Walker Swim camps are designed around maximum content and educational time in a relaxed environment to ensure you learn as much as possible while having a great time! We will concentrate on improving your stroke technique, with coaching from Adam Walker himself. We only choose the best quality locations, which we personally visit ourselves to ensure they are suitable. More Info.


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