Why Elivar RECOVER Is The Best Recovery Drink For The Over 35's

November 05, 2016

Why Elivar RECOVER Is The Best Recovery Drink For The Over 35's

Elivar's RECOVER range of products continues to win industry awards - most recently grabbing the Men's Running Silver Award for Post-Race Nutrition for the second year running. In this article we explain just what makes RECOVER the best recovery drink for the over 35's.

Use It Or Lose It

One of the most notable changes as we get a little older is the time it takes to recover between hard sessions. It just takes longer. The primary reason for this is our body's ability to repair and replace muscle reduces with age as part of a more general decline in muscle mass.

Muscle mass tends to peak in most people at about age 25, plateaus through years 35-40 and then progressively declines with approximately 25% of peak strength lost by age 65.1 

The good news is there is a general consensus among the research that age related muscle loss is partly reversible with appropriate exercise and exercise-related diet interventions.The image below highlights the impact of exercising right through to our seventies compared to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Use It Or Lose It - the implications of maintaining muscle mass

So while it is clear that exercise - especially weight bearing exercise - is the key to maintaining muscle mass, the research also highlights the need to ensure we are supporting our efforts with the right dietary interventions - that's "food" to the rest of us.

In developing Elivar we looked at the range of recovery products that were on the market to understand why they were not delivering the recovery benefit we needed as we moved into our 40's. We found three issues which had to be changed - the protein blend, the protein ratio and the carbohydrate blend.

Protein Blend

The majority of recovery products on the market use variants of whey protein or soy protein. These products are both fast digesting proteins that get to work straight away and as a result are great for post-exercise recovery. However therein lies the problem for the Over 35's. Our research identified that use of Whey or Soy alone was not delivering the sustained release profile that matched our need for protein to be available in our system for longer to support a slower repair process. 

Casein is a slow digesting protein which effectively delays the delivery of the protein to the working muscles until after the whey protein has been utilised. This extends the availability of proteins to the muscles and supports that longer repair and replace process.

Elivar Solution: We developed a unique blend of Whey and Casein to get the fast acting benefits of Whey and the slow release benefits of Casein. 


Traditional recovery products tend to have a higher ratio of carbohydrates to protein. This makes a lot of sense when the focus in on younger athletes where the priority is replacing lost energy - remember the body finds it easy to repair and replace muscle damage for a younger athletes.

However our needs were different. Supporting our muscle repair process was as important as replacing lost energy after an endurance session.

Elivar Solution:  RECOVER with a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein - delivering as much protein as carbohydrate. 


As with all of our products, Elivar RECOVER uses carbohydrates that deliver sustained release energy. While energy replacement after exercise is important we don't believe that this process should rely on rapidly absorbed carbohydrates that significantly elevate our blood sugar levels, reduce our ability to continue to burn fat post exercise and generally contribute to unwanted weight gain in middle aged athletes.

Elivar Solution: We use sustained release carbohydrates as our energy source.


Elivar RECOVER delivers a recovery product that truly meets the needs of athletes over 35:

Elivar RECOVER  - optimised for the over 35's- Blend of Whey & Casein ensuring a sustained release of protein to support our extended recovery needs
- 1:1 Carbohydrate to Protein ratio to deliver more protein than any other recovery product on the market
- Slow release carbohydrates to replace lost energy without compromising our health.

It's no wonder Men's Running said: "I liked this, it definitely does what it says on the package. Recovery for me was much quicker and I liked the taste"

Elivar RECOVER comes in two flavours Chocolate or Strawberry and a choice of 900g Tub or gym-friendly single serve sachets. Use Code: RECOVER15 to save 15% on your first purchase - plus FREE SHIPPING. 


Offer single use per customer. Subject to Availability.

About Elivar

Elivar – Sports Nutrition optimised for athletes over 35 year old. Our bodies change as we age, so should our sports nutrition. 



1. Astrand PO.  Exercise physiology of the mature athlete.  In:  Sutton JR, Brock RM, eds.  Sports Medicine for the Mature Athlete.  Indianapolis, Ind:  Benchmark Press; 1986: 3-13

2. Chronic Exercise Preserves Lean Muscle Mass in Over 35s Athletes, Andrew P. Wroblewski, MBS, BS; Francesca Amati, MD, PhD; Mark A. Smiley, MBA, BS; Bret Goodpaster, PhD; and Vonda Wright, MD, MS

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