Introducing SUSTAIN GO! - The World's First Sustained Release Energy Gel

May 31, 2020

Introducing SUSTAIN GO! - The World's First Sustained Release Energy Gel

We never liked gels here at Elivar HQ.

They were the epitome of unhealthy - a turbo charged sugar bomb designed to deliver as much sugar as possible into our blood stream. The result for many a marathon runner, cyclist or triathlete was stomach upset and cramps, bloating and the long term damage of repeat insulin spikes during exercise.

We stood by at many a running, triathlon or cycling expo watching hundreds of otherwise healthy and sane people swarming around our competitors stands grabbing as many gels as they could lay their hands on.

Our bank manager would say "you should sell that rubbish!".

Our nutritionists would say "you didn't start the business to sell rubbish, let's keep researching an alternative."

Well - here we are. We have finally found our alternative - a gel that performs without damaging your heath. It's only taken us 5 years of research to get this right!

SUSTAIN GO! - A Sustained Release Energy Gel. All the convenience of a gel with none of the downsides.

What gels are supposed to do

The purpose of a gel is to sustain your energy reserves during exercise where you deplete your natural reserves of energy in the body and real food isn't an option.

The primary purpose of SUSTAIN GO! - our Sustained Release Gel - is to supply your body with a source of slow release fuel that delivers energy while avoiding the insulin spikes, stomach upset or cramps of traditional gels comprised of 100% quick release sugars.

Together with our friends at Kaneka, one of Japan's most innovative companies and a world leader in the development of pharmaceutical & supplemental nutrition solutions, we have developed a product based on a water-soluble form of our existing ingredient, isomaltulose, combined with Kaneka Ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol, a vitamin-like substance that is produced naturally by the body and is found in every cell, has been added to SUSTAIN GO! due to its critical role in the energy production process in the bodies cells. It has been shown in studies to aid performance & recovery, while supporting the bodies long term health.

Isomaltulose features in all of the Elivar energy range as it has been proven to deliver a better profile of energy release relative to the cheaper sugars found in almost all sports nutrition.

While the dominant energy source in SUSTAIN GO! is isomaltulose, there is a need to provide some - but not a lot - quick release energy to provide a relatively short-lived uptick in available glycogen. We've used a small amount of maltodexterin to achieve this - it also acts as a sweetener to make our gels taste great.  

SUSTAIN GO! Difference in Blood Glucose with a traditional energy Gel

Matching the supply vs demand for energy has a number of additional benefits:

  • Less susceptibility to indigestion - 100% quick release gels tend to contribute to bloating. SUSTAIN GO! avoids this nasty side effect by bridging the gap between your energy reserves and your energy requirements.
  • Utilising fat reserves to support lean muscle building - quick release gels turn off the body’s own natural use of its fat reserves. SUSTAIN GO! supports the body's natural energy production process and does not turn off fat burning.
  • No sugar peaks and crashes – quick release gels deliver a peak in blood glycogen levels followed by a crash as insulin is overproduced to help absorb the flood of sugars. SUSTAIN GO! avoids this through the provision of slow release energy.

Available in a choice of flavours and in singles or packs of 12 gels.

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